Volkswagen Touareg

The agency created for Dietrich car's dealer an activation in Patagonia to promote the exclusive VW Tuareg car, aimed at the top of the market with the concept "To get everywhere, get in touch with us". Large photos of the back of the Touareg were set in the seats of the ski lifts to give the sensation of being lifted up the mountain in a 4 wheel truck.

Advertising Agency: Grey, Argentina
Creative Director: Pablo Gil, Sebastián Garín
Copywriter: Martín Dufou
Art director: Cristian Feichtenslager

November, 2006


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Karla Kolumna
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although i like ambient media, i think this one is particularly nice

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John Huerbert II
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drunk dave
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John Huerbert II
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Karla Kolumna
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Dear John Huebert,
If your skills in writing flame-posts are as good as your advertising skills, I highly doubt that you could have paid
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Are you guys on crack?

Someone who cant even spell their own name right, let alone spell complicated words,
or know anything about geography, and you guys call him an advertiser?

and someone actually said that hew won a gold lion??!!!

If dicks like this are winning Lions, I should start being a dick!!

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Mont Blanc is in France/Italy, you prick.

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Please stop trolling. Let's stay on the subject. Off topic vents can go to the Dungeon. Thank you for your kind understanding!

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i see your back to your stupid game here. you know, if you want to pretend to be sophisticated and intellectual then perhaps you shouldn't spend your time here but rather go back to your "ivy league" shack and learn to spell.

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Nothing to complain about. This is really good.

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Really good. I think we should stick to advertising. We are not intrested in your personal egos.

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As my mother would say "Jelous-Down" this is just dammn-damn good. I said it.

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Man, I love this... both: The ad and the "bitching".

Sorry Ivan, I have to do this.

Conclusion: And this weeks winner of the BAD (Being A Dick) award goes to His Honourable, Talented, Genuis, Gift to "Commoners" (LOL) the one (luckily only one) and only....

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John Huerbert II

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I remember when it used to be about the ads. What happened. You've changed man, you changed.
BUt anyway, this idea has me conflicted, on one side I really like the concept, the execution is nice, over all i think this one is a winner.
But my non marketing brain is pissed that advertising is now touching into this serene setting. If only we could find a way to rearrange the clouds in the sky in the shape of our favorite logos. Maybe we could find a way to to stick a straw in the sun and make a Tropicana ad.

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evryone's a critic

Arnold Santillan

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