Volkswagen: Polo 95% recyclable

Car manufacturer VW wants to tell people that their new model, Polo, is produced out of 95% recyclable materials. People in Germany are used to recycle glass and paper in huge bins outdoors. The get awareness for this, they made an even bigger bin in the shape of the Polo.

Advertising Agency: DDB, Berlin, Germany
Via: creativecriminals


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This message is dangerous.

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This message is spot on.

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Volkswagen have done it again, this is really effective and different.

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so true.

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never seen a recycle bin used as medium. original. great job.

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cool :D nice ad

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Jaap Grolleman
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Nice idea but a bit of a weird message. It directly shows me I can throw away my Polo. It's being associated with garbage.

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too literal jack, you sound like a client!

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Roger Keynes
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The Jobless Writer
Will Think for Salary

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Fantastic. Clear message that will be remembered by everyone that sees it. It is bang on.

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as usual VW stands out

they showed me a picture & i laughed
dignity has never been photographed

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someone here sounds like a client...

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First impression i have, vw is rubbish, dangerous try as said above.

Everybody is creative, be yourself.

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But you do throw away your car if it was crashed in an accident. The idea works perfectly. I don't think it damages the brand. People do have a sense of humor.

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I agree, some ppl here sounds like clients. First impression is that this is a joke. A car bin? Come on... 1. you won't think of ANY ad that the company is saying anything bad about their products - it is an old knowledge it got under the skin by now, it influences rapidly your perception, no chance you will have contradicting thoughts (unless you are trying to be picky...); 2. if you think VW cars are good, it won't change that old, solid picture, you may just add - wow these guys are funny & seems to care about the environment; if you think VW is rubbish... well, you are not targeted anyway, dude.

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very cool

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nice and cool!! Responsible for the environment

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Every car turns into garbage some day and the polo is recyclable then. In this case it´s "the better way of garbage": recyclable garbage.

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Roger Keynes
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It constantly amazes me how blindly literal some "creative" people are here.
Is it their way of saying "I don't understand it... and I don't know how to improve it."
Nice one, VW.

The Jobless Writer
Will Think for Salary

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i'vgot a huge wow out of my mouse.

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OK, I am not trying to "sound like a client", but the first thing I think is: This car won't last long.
If I gonna buy a car, I hope it can company me for at least 25 years...

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Extremely clever. Wonder how many of these were actually produced...

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i think its photoshop... the ddb guys are too greedy spending money in dummies...

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Calm down, people. The idea is not mindblowing.

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