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Cool. I love the idea and the arts too.
i think it is real fresh.

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Idea machine
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totally agree a real fresh concept typical ddb

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chintan ruparel
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~ old habits die hard, older ones never do ~

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hell yea! nice one, love it! as nelson said,hahaaa..

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rana mukherjee

so short. so sweet.

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Well the idea is the same as SHORT FILM FESTIVAL. - small popcorn/ only one popcorn. Also done by SUBWAY for quick service- tray mats with really simple puzzles - you wont be able to do much else.
So, just looks new cos of the product. Try again.

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I disagree. "short time effort - short whatever" isn't that much of a similarity to me. All three are well connected to their product.

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Kantabai tujhe ...

POSTMAn, your letterbox is open and your ignorance is showing. Go back to ABCD young man.

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Kantabai = pompous ass.

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Amazing!!! Silver!

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Very, very, very neat! :)

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