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Really, really nice!

scampolice's picture
86 pencils

Chop the head of the double-headed snake.

Kay's picture
161 pencils

Good Job DDB! Gold for this 1!

The Brief's picture
The Brief

Really love it! Perfect 10/10!

marcello's picture

uhmmm... i wouldn't absolutely get it weren't it for the explanation.


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Done for long time by HP or Epson Printer P.O.P.

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Super old idea! Done many times. For example, Nivea in China has done a bust shelter execution of 'immediate improvement' after using their Nivea product. It looks horrible....so was this. Don't get the idea at all. Furthermore, who wants to go to Singapore!

Another People's picture
Another People
107 pencils

Me want to go to Singapore!

The Nivea China ad looks horrible but this looks good!

itch's picture
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good try. nice thought of medium. but anyhow, the idea doesn't seem too convincing for the product..

* it's not how good you are. it's how good you want it to be *

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The concept are from Croatian designer Boris Ljubicic who was awarded for this many times...check out the link:


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Excellent job for Boris Ljubicic! Same to DDB! Very clever, relevant. Great work guys! I liked it very much. Good use of medium! Really like it!

Ten's picture

Is it Boris Ljubicic is the founder of create this medium????

anyway...this is brilliant!!! i love it! good use of the medium! It's amazing how creative these people are to have this great idea!

ad crazy's picture
ad crazy

Sorry Boris Ljubicic, strongbone(the idiot below) said you are the copycat too!

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Another People
107 pencils

Very nice concept! Two Thumbs up! Well done DDB!

Creative Nuts's picture
Creative Nuts

Awesome! Its simple, to the point. wonderful!

Mini Mini's picture
Mini Mini

Excellent! Nice thinking and direct to the target!

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Clever bastards

Clever bastards! :) i'm so envy! great piece of advertising.
Perfectly simple, wish I'd of that! love it!

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This is really really refreshing! now thats what i call a goood idea! very very nice! :)

Justay's picture

Stunning effect. Brilliant! Brilliant! Cool heavy thinking. awesome use of the medium.

Liyeen's picture

hehehe...i loved it! the idea works for sure.. This is what i call: The Winning idea! respect!

Kee's picture

Powerful..../clap! its amazing to see ideas like these, seriously!
A work that deserve salutes! To DDB Malaysia and Volkswagen!

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Horrorshow concept, but agree it needs explanation. Very suitable for an airline or travel ad.

chinaski's picture
951 pencils

mözafeckin gud!

candicec's picture

outstanding! Best ad for Volkswagen!

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it so Fxxking good! damn envy...

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Cool, nice thinking.

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mad hatter

the exact same thing was done in Dubai recently but for a bank... i think it was United bank money transfer or something

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ad crazy

Two solid tumbs up!! This is one of the most great VW work i hav see!

AliceL's picture

This is one of my favourite print! Incredible work!

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This is cool! I like it a lot. It nicely demontrates the product benefit.

Xiao's picture

This definitely will be one of my favourite VW ads!

Juat's picture

This is not call copy, moroon! Its only using the same medium. Every one can use this medium. Boris Ljubicic also using it and he win an awards too! I personally like the VW medium concept! Smart way to tell the product benefit!

Lena's picture

I agree with you, Juat. Its a same medium but different idea apply on different concept.
I like the VW ad, clever use for the medium!

ad crazy's picture
ad crazy

Sorry Boris Ljubicic, strongbone said you are the copycat too!

weay's picture

The Volkswagen ad is much better! well done!

Y.C.S's picture

I believe this can win an awards! Well done guys!

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Big Friendly Mo...
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Wow! cool idea. Well, for those who needed the explanation to understand it, it's bcos u can't see it at real live. So that's why they posted the explanation for u. Great job guys!

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simple but strong

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