Vodafone: Vodem User Manual

Direct marketing piece to promote Vodafone's new wireless broadband modem, which was called 'vodem'. Installing the modem is simplicity itself. To reflect that six of the eight pages in the 'User Manual' are blank.

Advertising Agency: Draft, New Zealand
Executive Creative Director: Chris Hunter
Copywriting: Jane Jamieson
Art Direction: Leisa Wall


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nice idea, that pic up there isn't doing it justice.

... its already been done...

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They could have gotten the idea through with just the two pages. No need to waste paper to make such a point.
Or maybe I'm just grumpy because I've run out of lozenges. Meh.

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no it shouldn't be just 2 pages because there are already manuals out there that only contain 2 pages.

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Then I guess the idea isn't so great after all. If there are other manuals out there that are so simple as this one, who cares.

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hopefully its recycled paper

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Why not take it further and just print instructions on the underside of the product itself?

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tamer samy
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nice idea

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how about other language?

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not all people can understand that ad..

only the brilliant person like me can catch the meaning ;p

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