Vodafone: Pro self employees

Vodafone presents Pro self employees, a tribute to those people who really do acrobatic things to maintain their business day by day.

Advertising Agency: Tangoº, Spain
Director: Antonio Mendez
Movie: Iván Mena Tinocco
Creative Directors: Jhota Juliá, Adrian Vall
Producer: Daniel Terry
Client Services: Idoia Moisen
3RUN: Parkour & FreeRunning


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Is there a stupider "sport"?


"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

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Are they trying to sell us something here???

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DAmn, this is so booring, when i first started watching this i figuered it would be a space where people could turn their daily stress into acrobacy by somekind of outdoor,scenario, but it turned out to be a boring event with no catchy content..just taking a concept literally. Sorry, this is really dull


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