Ambient stencil

September 2009

On Wednesday 23rd September 2009, Sydney experienced one of its worse dust storms on record when winds of up to 100km/h shifted more than 75,000 tonnes of orange dust every hour from the Australian outback and then blanketed the city in a thick film of red. Unlike anything ever seen before by residents or weather experts, the dust storm provided a perfect tactical opportunity for Visine Dry Eye Relief. Using a saline solution, we stenciled the Visine logo onto dust-covered sidewalks, cars and shop-front windows around Sydney, highlighting the product's ability to soothe and refresh dry eyes.

Advertising Agency: JWT Sydney, Australia

Ambient advertisment created by JWT, Australia for Visine, within the category: Health.

Associate Creative Director: John Lam
Creative Group Head: Laurie Geddes
Art Director: Steven Iannello
Copywriter: Ben Clare
Group Account Director: Paul Coles

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rabbitz's picture
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this ad is not that good and outstanding
this is what i call AMBIENT
the true AMBIENT

will not happened to SYD for a long time

nice executive

sirvan's picture
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Okay, scam-quiz: How many of these were actually done? Just a few outside the agency? Or were they REALLY done ALL OVER Sydney?


"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

Guest's picture

Well, the top two photos are taken at the same time. And three out of the four below them are the same street with slightly different angles. And it wouldn't surprise me if the car on the bottom right were the same car thats on the bottom left. I smell scam, too bad, cause it's a good idea.

Guest's picture

does it make it into the main news? If yes, then it's effective ambient. If no, then the team might get blacklisted in One Show....effective ambient as well.

Guest's picture

haha, I actually saw 2 or 3 guys doing this all the way down pitt street. Nice work!

funky_frogii's picture
Activity Score 2538

goooooooooood one

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