June 2008

Brief: To create innovative, eye-catching OOH communication to highlight the plight of women in India, and evoke the desired response from the TA: That of speaking out against the evils of the dowry system that still prevails across the country.
Solution: An interactive creative that visually dramatizes the dowry death situation in the country, and calls for action on the part of the audience. The creative is hung in public places, where it will not be overlooked. When the noose is removed from the girl's neck, the full message is revealed, along with an exhortation to speak out against the evils of the dowry system.
Extension of OOH Utility: Besides car door handles, bike handlebars & tea-bag tags, it can be used in public transportation and other ambient settings like parks (on bushes in a larger format), as a bookmark in libraries...

HELP HER! Remove the rope.
Each day, some twenty Indian women are tortured, stabbed, hung or burned.
That's over 7000 dowry deaths per year!
You can help, by speaking out against abuse when you encounter it. Because the abused have no voice.

Advertising Agency: Bhadra Communications, Bangalore, India
Art Director: Siju S Nair
Copywriters: Siju S Nair

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Seriously HATTS OFF!! awesome work!
The rope is telling abt the story of "Girl's Life"

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superb idea
well done!

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nice...well done!!!!

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i like this kind of fresh ideas

Very Nice work guys

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Activity Score 77

Bad photoshoping on the right.

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jai hind
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dude this is so wrong, men are actually falsely implicated in dowry cases and so many of them land up in jail, with no fault of theirs

these days wives rule the roost, baby.

for more information, click this:

jai hind
art director

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Activity Score 470

Dude, you are so full of shit.

jai hind's picture
jai hind
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am not full of shit first of all, and don't be abusive if you cannot have a sense of debate or the gravity of the matter, and yes i have a first hand experience of it, so thats why i said that.

jai hind
art director

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totally agree with " JAI" all i see is ideas putting women as the victims as if men were the only monsters....dudes snap out of it......i have seen women breaking their children's arms and legs with stones so that they beg on it .....i have seen women provoking their men until a point where the man with all the problems of the world and life on his shoulders snaps out and hits the woman cos she deserves it "fucking bitch" i have seen women hitting their men with home appliances and knives then when the neighbors come in to separate em the woman starts to cry and plays the victimes ....women want to be equal to men but they want men to open to door for them they want men to work their ass out to bring money to pay the rent etc........ so enough with this women victimization shit.
if they get hanged its for a damn good reason. so know the reason before playing soft

The man who stops advertising to save money is like the man who stops the clock to save time

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another desperate non-traditional idea. ugh.

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Didnt like it... its desperate...agree

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It's a nice idea.
But call to action is not prominent enough!

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daniel ieraci
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I'm not too sure how I'd feel if I saw one, it might work but just by viewing this description I'm not really impressed. Plus the image with it as a tea bag is really ridiculous.

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sick execution very amateurish

Abhimanyu Mishra

Abhimanyu Mishra
Chief Creative Officer

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very nice, and clever.. i had not idea of that :S

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Neil Levy
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ethically, i really respect what you're trying to do to make the world better.

i think the creative falls a little flat though. reason is, when you make the person so small they becomes "cute" in a strange way. putting her on a tea bag only makes it weirder (not the good weird) and it gets farther away from reality. i wonder if this idea would be smarter if the rope was around life size people. maybe i'm the only one who feels this way so see what other people think but at any rate, that was my reaction to it.

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This would make a wonderful hanging mobile over a baby's cot. Where can I buy them?

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capton john
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really great idea, I liked it.

Think, Act, Invent.

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very creative!

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Excellent conception very well executed. But, in my opinion, You will have
sleepless nights in future!! Being a male, You will have to be more careful while doing these kinds of stuffs.I warn you to keep a distance from men!!!

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very good job!
Realy great idea, and the way they used it, its superb.

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Activity Score 2

Seriously HATTS OFF!! awesome work!
The rope is telling abt the story of "Girl's Life"