An Unoriginal Action

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March 2012

Video Hobby - An Unoriginal Action Case Study


Movie Piracy has been a tremendous damage to the movie stores. In Brazil, more than 900 stores were closed. Video Hobby challenged us to create something new that would take customers to their new mega store. So, we thought: What if we used piracy against itself to take customers to the store? The case study shows the results of the action.

Ambient advertisment created by Propeg, Brazil for Video Hobby, within the category: Professional Services.

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kleenex's picture
Activity Score 49584

I like it.

BKrwind's picture
Activity Score 2

2 things -

1- The idea it's so great, that you could do a movie with it.

2- Someone already did it =/

cognitive's picture
Activity Score 168

Sounds like a fun project for the agency.