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chintan ruparel
1516 pencils

after reading that text, okay, nice...bt isnt d handbrake supposed to indicate an instant brake...which goes against d idea a bit..correct me if im wrong.

bt d best thing i like bout th idea is that mostly the hand brake is put on when the car is parked for a long duration in the parking lot or so (at night), indicating that it stays up all night (pun intended) ;)

~ old habits die hard, older ones never do ~

Bigbird's picture
112 pencils

i agree, they should have put it on the stick shift if anything. Since there are sexual jokes about knowing how to drive "stick".
i dunno, that's my opinion.

jebus's picture
482 pencils

oh I get it...huh huh huh...Viagra gives you a boner...

Are they selling Viagra to 16 year olds in Kuwait these days? Because that's about the level of thinking here.

Also, who would put this in their car? I would think that the target might prefer to remain descreet about their little problem, no?


Sick-of-adS's picture
250 pencils

reminds of an ad for VOLVO!!

Endeio's picture
270 pencils

This is shit, the worst I've seen this week. What a Jr. idea!

purplesimon's picture
475 pencils

Surely this isn't real!

What irks me the most is the results part - it's too early to say how successful this ad was,
but pharmacists are saying men are accepting with a smile. What a load of bull.

LeeMoh's picture
424 pencils

It's a giveaway car accessory, not an ad. Forget about the response. This is what's called 'proactive' work over there.

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Ney Frances
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two possibilities: they´ve had viagra to think and as the boner went up they come up iwth the first idea just to go and chuck the chiken! or, they should find a medicine to bust their ideas: Ideagra maybe?

is there life before death?

petruk's picture
12 pencils

hohoho' nice one

Conceptual-eyes's picture
1475 pencils

If it only said, "Stays up all night".

Ney Frances's picture
Ney Frances
660 pencils

agreed! nice line!

is there life before death?

chintan ruparel's picture
chintan ruparel
1516 pencils

yeah...cool line, very apt

~ old habits die hard, older ones never do ~

rRoll's picture
10 pencils

it´s awfull... very cheap, i also wouldnt like grabing anything that´s not between my own legs...

jacksonrabbit's picture
290 pencils

You know where you could get the idea to put that sleeve?

zerej's picture
14 pencils

whyy a break??

Kareem zalatimo's picture
Kareem zalatimo

You Got it, but why break .. maybe u forget that.
but the 1st impretions .. very coool .. exactly what ae people think ;)
maybe u forget The HAND BREAK
iam very happy that we have this qui. in kuwait
good work again

LeeMoh's picture
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What’s the car make. Audi TT?

Guest's picture

corny idea

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