Van Dobben croquets: Golf

Van Dobben croquet manufacturer in Holland has signed up exclusively with almost 400 golf clubs. Croquettes are a delicious snack that is often enjoyed after a game of golf. In the last hole they placed round cards with a little hole in the middle. When the golfer reaches for the ball, his attention is immediately drawn to the message.

Agency: &KS, Netherlands
Via: directdaily


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this could look much more appetising. the black text on a white card doesn't make my mouth water. it looks like a cd sticker.
i have seen cards placed in golf holes before but with a little bit of visual improvement i think it'll work pretty well for this product.

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weird medium selection. is it really effective? i doubt that. the copy is too long for the medium. another try-to-hard ad.

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not impressive idea and copy. but the selection of media is great...

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Idea is new and refreshing.. but i agree that the visual needs to be improved.

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about the 'quality' of the copy: I think that the campaign is done in Dutch (so this is a translation) As part of the whole campaign (so incluiding the ads), I think it's very effective and original.

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me thinks
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Good copy but weird placement. Not easily readable.

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i think most of the time you look in the hole first to get rid of the flag .... so you would read it without the ball .... i don´t know ...

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its a great idea!... i like it

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Dick Huges
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ahahaha all lies.

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a desperate media placement

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>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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