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Sticker? how are you gonna stick it? it will fall before anyone read it. And whose gonna read it with that kind of placement anyway?

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Phil Lestino
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The only question is did anyone go to get a new exhaust because of this sticker??

I think there are stronger signs of the need to replace your exhaust, such as noise
rust lack of engine power.

This seems to be ambient advertising for no reason...
why not stick with annoying flyers under the windscreen wipers?

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bad astronaut
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i'd collect those sticks just so I can post them on other stuff.....

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So I have to crouch now and get my hands dirty...

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More stuff on cars. Zzzzzzz...

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I like this...

Simple ideas are the best !

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J Designer
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To be honest, I wouldnt notice this. Nice idea...but it dosn't work in this case for me.

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Roger Keynes
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Roger that.
Petrol heads in Australia with massive mufflers would dig those.

Will Think for Salary

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I just dont like ads on cars, and this is one more example of it

=== Looking for concept/art creative to form a team to work in independent advertising projects. ===

Alexandre Brito
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Sormak lazım eksoza nasıl yapışıyor?

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Pushkaraj Shirke
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Monkey angry! Monkey say "YOU NO TOUCH MY CAR EVIL PEOPLE!!!!!"
just keep off my car mate, or i wouldnt buy your product - WHATEVER IT MAY BE! However good the idea looks in its scam version :P

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