Unicef Finland: Mom

Thank you for caring, we hope there are more people like you. Be a mom for a moment.

Advertising Agency: Taivas, Helsinki, Finland
Art Directors: Jyri Niemi, Anna-Mia Alanko
Copywriter: Adele Enersen
Account Supervisors: Heini Häyrinen, Joanna Kokonmäki
Guerilla production company: ADDlife Finland
Released: March 2009


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A great little stunt although the tie between being a mother and unicef is the weakest part of the idea for me. this would have been great for planned parenthood or something.

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Although this was a fantastic way to attract attention and evoke an gut emotional response for a minimum cost, the writing on the note wasted the potential of this campaign. Orphaned children need money to be cared for and as such the note should have contained a direct appeal in that vein.

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the intention of UNICEF was always raise funds for this cause... they've wasted a great oportunity to ask for some.

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In the note was also the website address www.unicef.fi, where you can choose your way to be a mom for a moment from the long term commitment to single donations.

Here you can see the video :

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F minus

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It was done in Sydney about 10 years ago by VCD.
Sorry i dont have a link, but i know for a fact it has been done. Pretty sure it was for a Magazine. I think it was Marie Clare. Something to do with creating awareness for an issue on abandoned children.

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i dont like the idea, situations like nowadays may create a panic among masses, that thing might contain a bomb.. i wont go near it...

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Gawd we did the same thing for a maternity magazine. In Mumbai, India. Last year. I shall upload a link/pic soon.

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great attention grabber. beautifully thought out. works.. definitely works upto a certain extent. but then the bloke who's afraid of bomb being planted is also pretty practical, given the current world scenario.
a good attempt gone a little sour. somewhere

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This idea was already done in Mexico by Ogilvy.(3 years ago)...sure you remember that?

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This has been done quite a few times before, but that doesn't mean its a bad idea. Great minds think alike(?). It was actually recently done in a student campaign in Norway, which won a few prices. Anyway, i think that these kinds of executions have a negative effect in that they lure the recipients to get the message. If someone actually left their baby behind i really hope someone will involve themselves by calling the police or something like that. These types of advertising take advantage of this and can make people feel like they been had, when what they really did was to take action because they really thought a baby was left behind by its parents...

All i mean is that advertisers should think twice before they invade the space of others...

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Has been done in Brazil.
Campaign that defender abortion as a right of choice.

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