Turkiye Is Bankasi: Police car

A driver from a distance will see a police car hiding behing a billboard, as the police typically do in Turkey/ thus the driver instinctively slow down or make sure that they are going at the lagal speed limit. When they come closer they are able to read the billboard text:

Pay your traffic tickets on time without waiting in line - isbank.com.tr

However just as they pass the billboard they will realize that there really isn't a police car hiding there. That actually is a full size reproduction of a police car which is a part of the billboard.

Client: Turkiye Is Bankasi
Agency: Rafneri
Copywriter: Demir Karpat Polat
Art Director: Murat ArIi


mahi_dhk's picture
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gr8 ambient.

popdistortion's picture
1594 pencils

Sucks if you were on a record lap. Great stuff though.

Desi's picture
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There was a similar one with hot girls hitching a ride, but this one is still great.

Vibe's picture
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freakin cool!!

pindaro's picture
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Great idea,..... I just don't see the realtion bwtween cop car and the message on the billboard.

the_ashlands's picture
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yeah me either.

drizae's picture
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Ohhh that's such a great ambient. Except I don't like the connection to the billboard.

Fail Harder.

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Hey drizae, it's like this: You speed, you get caught and fined on the spot. No stinkin' queues.

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when you get pulled over for speeding you always get fined on the spot. this is just an ad for paying the fine online. now, if the cops had some sort of credit card machine that allowed you to pay the ticket as soon as the cop handed it to you then this might make a little more sense. but as it is now its just a fake cop car for the sake of having a fake cop car..granted it the ad very noticible and eye-catching and could possibly slow the drivers downas a result..but in the end i feel it would just be annoying...

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It's kewl... really, but why do I get the feeling that this type of execution has been done before?

Trying to retire ad-man

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Really works big time

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ming the merciless
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It's a good idea that has been done before around the world as a speed deterant.

How effective it is I guess depends on what the speed limit of that section of the road is.

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one thing for sure.

people that don't normally read billboards will probably read this one - even w/ small type.

it's pretty freakin' smart advertising.


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The only weird thing is I carry a Turkey passport and I have never seen a billboard in Turkey that's in English. The only exceptions are "Welcome" and "goodbye". This is especially true for a Turkish bank that has only a few branches in the world. So either that guy is really creative or Turkey has undergone a lot of change.

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