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Well... um, my only comment is this: When I lift the skirt/shorts, what do I expect to see? Why would I even want to lift a child's clothing off? Won't that show that I have paedophile tendencies? Asides from that, I'd say the idea is on-point... I'm just worried about the impact.

Okay, kill me.


Most times, worst enemies used to be best friends...

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Good idea to capture your target cuz only perverts would lift up the kids shorts. I don't think anyone else would feel comfortable doing it. I don't thinks its that effective because all the perverts I know wouldn't do that in public.

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an ineffectual tag that banks on people noticing that there's a flap on the poster, then lifting it (apparently to expose them as being perverts?) Are pedophiles supposed to be walking around, scratching at images of children so they can try to lift up their skirts? What kind of retarded premise is this?

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I really, really dislike this. If I am sitting down eating dinner with my family and I notice there is a flap on my table mat on some kids bathing suit I would assume that I am *supposed* to lift it to understand the ad. And when I do, I am accused of being a pedophile. Maybe I am just naive but for all I know it is an ad for the latest and greatest swimming diaper for toddlers. That’s not a great example but I think it is an absurd trap. I usually don't like to write really poor reviews but this merits it.

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I can't believe this.

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bad...first, you are teasing them to open and then telling them that they're sick...because they opened it??!!

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i agree with mpindy and greysells, ...if i get a table mat and it has a flap i guess i'm supposed to lift it...why would they put a flap if you are not allowed to lift it..

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TULIR--????/??People go to work to improve their career , self respect , especially to make a living, unlike you super rich snobbish sorry people, who volunteer yourself, only to make other peoples lives miserable.do you have a concienence ??? You are not the one to face the consequences of your actions.I you are a women in a true sense you won't find the need to attack the dignity of another, human, women , man , child, to have a false sense of power over other people. It is rather surprising tht you people are dealing with a sensitive subject like child abuse.
hope no one trusts you.....

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