Tu Plata No Vale: Don't Shit in Buenos Aires

We are a group of creatives working in different agencies who anonymously gather in a project called Tu Plata No Vale (The translation would be something along the lines 'Your money is no good here') and we work for free, creating guerrilla campaigns for social causes. In these case, to put a stop to people that leave their dog's poop in the street. It's a very simple idea: we put a little flag with a claim that reads 'Don't Shit in Buenos Aires' on every poop we find on the street. The campaign has just launched, and it's already creating a little buzz.

Advertising Agency: Tu Plata No Vale, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Photographer: Javier García

August 2010


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Que trabajo tan malo y vulgar, pesimo. Mejor mantengase en el anonimato...

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Actually it means "Don't shit Buenos Aires / Don't shit in Buenos Aires" it's source of a word game ;)

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I wonder if this is really practical. Will most people bother to read what those flags say when they see that they are stuck in poop??

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Loved the honesty - "and already creating a little buzz..."

thats cool.

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nice group

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Ouch. Major copy.

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similar thing done by CPB Group for tobacco Truth Campaign.

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Pau Marquès
(+34) 670 36 79 83

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text is boring. idea is ok. i did that "flag into poo" thing my self. gets a lot of attention

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eso es un pura mierda...

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Está de la chingada !! maldita copia, ni se preocuparon por buscar más o pensar algo original ! quien se detiene a leer un letrero en una mierda !! además de que no se lee una miera !! que pena por esto !!!

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Muy malo, sólo eso

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I bet I would knee down to take a good look at the lil flag and a deep breath of dogshit. Come on...

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