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Good thought. But...
stop fake advertising, please.

No one will use this in his supermarket.

(looking for some freelance work)

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You're right it's fake, this is student work.

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Also students can think about advertising that could really be used.

Advertissing is not only about one idea. It is about the idea, the media, the insight, and the other things (we know very well).

If you have a cool idea but the media is wrong, or it is impossible for the owner of the supermarket to apply it... I think it is only one good idea. But it isn't advertising.

(looking for some freelance work)

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I fully agree.

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I think for the integrity of the site you should only post real ads here in this section. There should be no comingling of fake/student projects with bonafied produced ads that have a real paying client behind them. No matter how "real" the ad schools try to make their projects and environments, they simply don't have all the daily real world constraints and hurdles of the real advertising world. Things like lazy account managers, horrible unchangeable strategies, limited time, CD's afraid to take risks, miniscule budgets, extremely conservative clients or just plain old bad clients. For those reasons the student stuff should be in their own section of the the site clearly labeled as student work. Yes, I realize this ad is clearly labeled as such but I don't think that is enough. It's not a fair playing field for us or the students if their ads are mixed among the real work. They need to know how hard it is to get a great idea produced. Those of us who've done this for a while truly know how difficult it is and what a monumental accomplishment it is to have the creative team, account services, the agency, the client, director and producer, ALL on the same page making a great ad become a reality with NO creative compromises. It's not as easy as they think and these student ads should not be directly compared and mixed in with the real ones. Fake ads ought to be on a fake ad site (and those do exist) or at the very least in their own section clearly marked. I'm not trying to create any more work for you than the huge amount you already have running this site or tell you how to run it, but I would hate to see this place become "" Respect the professional. Let's just keep it real.

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i don't see a problem with posting student work. they need the feedback more than anyone.

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If it's for constructive feedback, the main page doesn't get you very much of that, there's a complete forum here if that's what you're looking for. I kinda agree with slash on this.

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Phony Ads
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I do. Here's the problem...A student or someone working on a "fake" ad has the ability to change and control every potential hurdle or problem involved with making that ad. When you work on fake ads and you don't like the strategy you can change it to your liking. Problem solved! Have a great idea but it doesn't quite fit the product or client you were assigned? Just change the product -- problem solved! Creative director doesn't have the guts to present your idea? Creative director? We don't need no stinking creative director! What I'm saying is, in the real world of ads you can't change any of that. You're stuck with the product, the strategy, the budget, the boss, the client, the media that you're dealt. Now I admit, I went to a famous ad school and was of course given assignments with products, strategies, etc., that we could not change. That was the norm. But there was certainly a lot that we could. Especially when we were asked to develop our own strategies or choose our own clients. It was easy for the assignment to become a moving target. So when I look at fake ads, I don't know how much of that was changed by the student to accommodate his idea. When it comes to fake ads, (ad school and especially agency), they're often just an excuse to get the cool idea done. All too often, the idea comes before you even have a product or client. It's just a matter of finding the perfect match. And THAT is the problem. The playing field is not level and it is a constant moving target. Anyone can create and ad if you're allowed to change the parameters at will to accommodate your idea. That’s cheating in my opinion. The trick is to create something brilliant from the hand you're dealt. And when I look at a real ad done for a real world client, 99% of the time I can rest assured that the strategy, product and client was not switched-out to accommodate the idea.

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I think clearly labeling it would be a good idea. I will work on it. Thanks for the suggestion guys!

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I agree whith Slashh

(Bianconiglio is looking for some freelance work)

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ok, maybe there should be an extra section for student work. but i usually really enjoy to see that stuff.
student work doesn't have to fulfil any client's requirements. and that's what makes it so refreshingly fresh.

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and well, quite frankly, when agencies run an ad at 3 in the morning once, to say its been published to get into competitions, that isn't fair either, I think the great student work should stay.

... its already been done...

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I might be a little biased here (was a student just a very short time ago), but I believe the student ads should stay. Yes, there are advantages when you are a student. But now that I am employed I'm finding that there there are also advantages when producing professional work (studio, being surrounded by helpful senior CW's 24/7, etc, etc.) Both sides have their advantages and drawbacks. And don't even get me started on the number of scam ads on this and every other ad blog out there. Forgive me if I'm a little skeptical when I see a Brazilian ad for some hole in the wall niche business, meticulously produced with an English tag line.

Finally, (and it's kind of a moot point) it's a guerrilla piece, for an organization that isn't always 100% legal in their activities. Just get some street teams to put them on the shelves when nobody's looking. It's worth it for the possible publicity even if they get taken down right away. It's not like you're actually going to ask the guy who owns the supermarket to put them up.

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How do you tell if something is fake? By its poor photoshop or poor idea? I have seen ads in magazines I would not believe was real unless I had seen it for myself. So thats a slippery slope. But in general, if it's possible, I would NOT allow fake/studentr stuff. Because those aren't Ads of the World they're Fake Ads in your Book.

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No fixed abode
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Sorry this idea has also been done before on the round toilet roll dispensers in public toilets.

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yes ive seen that one.

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