Traveler: Umbrella

Description: Taiwan is a place with humid climate, which makes people feel wet and even colder during the winter. As known as the key point of a down coat to maintain warmth inside is to keep the down dry.
TRAVELER, as a leading brand of down coat in Taiwan, being the first brand to bring in the "water-repellent" down technology, in order to make the most functional down coat for all consumers.
We made a symbol to introduce this cutting edge technology, "the feather and eiderdown umbrella." Beside its print commercial, we also organized a campaign that brought a "real" feather umbrella to the street around retailers and made people interested on it. They even took photos of it and asked some information about the down coat. 100% made of water-repellent down.

Advertising Agency: SHAPE Advertising, Taipei, Taiwan
Creative Directors: Norman Lin, Singing Wen, Alex Liu
Art Director: Brandon Chung
Copywriter: Helen Lu

February 2013


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Brandon chung
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wow!good job!

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Of course you think is a good job, you're the ART DIRECTOR!!!!

I imagine you're the first person to click the "like" button when you upgrade your own facebook status, aren't you???

Yes, my profile picture is my dog on my sister's bed, with a pillow and a blanket...

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its a nice idea.... but please.... its too obvious.... have some pride

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