After rain...

After rain...

Holland has had the wettest summer in centuries. But as we all know, after rain there's always sunshine. Nevertheless the frame is filled with rainwater (that's what we fake...)

Advertising Agency: Y & R notjustfilm
Creative Directors: Edward Romunde
Art Director: Edward Romunde
Copywriter: Robert den Bremer
Illustrator: Martijn de Jongh
Photography: Stock


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Looks like somebody made his first poster in photoshop to me...

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Is it really filled up with water? if not, who cares...

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i don't believe that was realized. it looks like photoshop sketch before client visit.

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He even admitted to Photoshopping the water in. Let's take a real picture so we can see what it looks like in real life.;


Too many cooks in the kitchen....

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Dear ultraboon, the water was printed on the poster, the clue is that the poster is always in a frame, and now it looks like there's water in the frame. The only photoshopping that was done was removing the shadows and reflections on the glass...

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I wish it was real water. Actually i wish it was beer. Actually, I wish this ad was a cold beer in my fridge so I could drink it. then i would looooooove it.

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