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Done, some many times for duracell and energizer
i am sorry

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*yawn* wake up!

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I cant believe what I see. Lots of London´s taxis used to circulate with same execution on them around 1987. Brand was Duracell.

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is it battery ad or toys website ad -- sagar


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It looks like the payoff is for the Toy Website Ad. I think it's playing off that the bus is a toy bus, because it "runs" on battery. So for toys, check out this web site. Not direct. A bit confusing. I will advice not to use a Duracell looking battery. Make it generic. Maybe the battery should be Toy Website's battery.

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it's been DONE! to death....

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Oh knock it off. This is damned clever. Take off your thick-framed glasses, put down your ironic Pabst, and show a little appreciation.

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Appreciation of what? Batteries in real vehicles have been done to death. How about putting a wind-up key coming out the back? Oh sorry I think I've seen that too. Or a giant hand out of the top to show it's a toy. Actually that's been done too. This is a tired rehash and just not that great.

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Thing is so many people out there did not see this in the 80's, the public are not as aware of advertising whats been done or hasn't before.. so this aint gonna win awards but it may sell some toys...which I think is the point of ads....isn't it?

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I've actually seen this bus around town (Newcastle upon Tyne) and it looks really good. Nice clear demonstration of the proposition. My only criticism is that maybe the logo could be a little more integrated with the batteries. Otherwise, works for me.

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Still a good, clear idea. But yes, it has been done many times before unfortunately.

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I like it~ cute~

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Like any good bus service, this idea comes around on a regular basis.

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Nash Albacea
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Honestly, at first glance, I thought this ad was for a battery brand. Then, I saw the label. I think it creates confusion to the public. Perhaps, you can put more emphasis on the brand label and use fancy-looking batteries.

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