Toyota: Protect What’s Behind You

On the walls of the Q-Park Lepage parking lot in Brussels Zacharevic created six unique 3D street art paintings featuring children playing. The realism is strengthened by projecting real objects from the murals: a shopping trolley, a tricycle and a ball. The result is a dynamic series of realistic installations that drivers actually can collide with unless they take care. They carry the strapline “Protect what’s behind you. Drive with a rearview camera” and are simply signed “Toyota”. The scarily life-like portraits include a boy playing ball, a girl playing hopscotch, drawing a dragon on the floor, riding down a slope on a tricycle, sitting in a supermarket trolley and a little girl graffiti-ing the message “Protect what’s behind you”.

Advertising Agency: Happiness Brussels, Brussels, Belgium
Executive Creative Directors:
 Karen Corrigan, Cecilia Azcarate Isturiz
Creative Director: Peter Ampe
Concept Provider: Gregory Titeca
Head of Art: 
Cecilia Azcarate Isturiz
Peter Ampe
Art Director: 
Cecilia Azcarate Isturiz
Account Director: 
Pascal Kemajou

Account Manager: 
Mehdi Sel

Producers: Dominique Van doormaal, Bart Vande Maele

 Ernest Zacharevic

Content Director: Joris Joosten
Social Media Manager: Maarten Breda
Interactive production: Bliss Interactive
Film Director & Photography: Bob Jeusette
Retoucher: Gregory Ellinger
Graphic Designers: 
Jeremy Vandenbosch, Daniel Nino
Q-Park Lepage
Published: October 2012


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Nice campaign. Liked the arts!

Victorious's picture
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Amazing artwork.

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Really nice execution... problem is... anyone backing in that see it, are going to have the rear-view camera or the rear-view mirror solving the problem already.

I admit though I am cutting the human mind short... it's not a big stretch to imagine anyone backing in without the camera, to really feel the benefits and virtues of what may happen without the camera.

For that reason... the artistic approach, as pleasing as it is, may have been a weaker direction than using photographic depictions.

ok enough nitpicking. Kudos.

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love everything about it taking ambient to a whole new level

groovy baby!

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love the idea

ideas....30 minutes nahi toh free.

hadrianapolis's picture
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it's exactly useless idea.

Aim is to give message "Protect what’s behind you. Drive with a rearview camera" people to let them buy a rearview cam Toyota car.

But message can be viewed by only rearview cam car owners!!!

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You don't need a rearview camera to turn your head ;-).

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I like the art...

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Show me the money
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The artist invaded a parking lot? Toyota agreed on that? Come on man, you don't need it. The idea is pretty good itself.

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The illustration is awesome. The Idea is fresh.

sapto handriyanto
Fortune Indonesia

jmills25's picture
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Such a great way to raise awareness.

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Yes today it is ideal to put a camera that lets you see the rare view so that whenever you have to reverse in driving and do some maneuvers in driving. Anyway it is still good to consider safety driving. Thanks to Toyota..

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