Toyota iQ: Vertical

Advertising Agency: Dentsu, Tokyo, Japan
Creative Director / Naoya Hosokawa: Naoya Hosokawa
Art Director: Takahiro Tsuchiya
Producers: Motohumi Kanesaka, Eisaku Ota, Satoshi Ide
Event Management: media concierge
Music: aiin CO.,LTD.
Choreographer: Koutarou Takeshita
Released: October 2008


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huge production , I love Japan :)

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I love Japan too.
Whats this got to with a car? Why vertical?

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why not vertical? ;)

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Highly enjoyable promotion. It has nothing to do with a car but much to do about getting "buzz" in a country overwhelmed with media and completely numbed by efforts to sell to them. Nicely done.

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I love Asians.

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Lovely! Very impressive and eye catching.

I always wonder about these things, tough. Does money spent on stunts like this get a decent return? I mean, you may reach a few hundred--even thousand--people at once, but a really good billboard campaign could reach 100X that amount--and for less. I love the ideas and creativity behind these stunts, but they somehow feel more like the creatives having fun that the client getting their money's worth. Or maybe the word of mouth it creates is worth it...?

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daniel ieraci
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I've always been of the opinion that an amazing stunt (via word of mouth, viral seeding etc) will create far more impact than the greatest billboard campaign. Having said that, it's really a case of horses for courses. Obviously not everything will be suited to a stunt/experiential campaign but when it's done right it really does stick in your mind for a good amount of time (imho).

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With Sony written behind them on the building and all the bright colours, it was a great new Colour Like No Other ad. Well done Fallon!

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Very impresive stunt, beautifully executed, although I don't see it has anything to do with the car or any benefit of the car.

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very big.
what a wounderfull promotion.

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"Very impresive stunt, beautifully executed, although I don't see it has anything to do with the car or any benefit of the car."

"Whats this got to with a car? Why vertical?"

I imagine your concepts and ideas have substantially more grounded in tangible terms and diatribes about products. Thumbs up.

I can't believe anyone even asks questions like these. Quick, what's the name of the car?

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>Quick, what's the name of the car?

it's iQ.

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cool, but ultimately gimmicking if VERTICAL is not selling a benefit.

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its doesn't have to sell... u have other media for that... it's an attractive stunt! plus I don't think the toyota ppl are worried about spending a few extra bucks on a promo like this...
beautiful work!

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well! i love the stunt... maybe, a man getting out of the car at the end would have made it look like a promo for the car! something like this car can make people dance for u!!!!

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Good buzz event, but then ? ... i can see this in a car show festival like the "Paris Mondial Auto" ou "Geneve", the buzz will be the same and you will touch more people !!!!

Simple ideas are the best !

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It's been done. Thanks for ripping off other creatives. When will agencies, CDs and creatives stop this crap?

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What an expensive turd.

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again , I love Japan , the buzz is enough :)

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very nice

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Scooter in Japan
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This is Japan, a different culture. Gimmicky is in, and it doesn't have to be about the car. This ad is outside the Western thinking box, so it's understandable it doesn't make sense to some. My advice: come for a visit and have your horizons broadened!

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what a amazing ads .!!

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