Toyota: Blanket

Challenge: Shockingly introduce the new Toyota Yaris in the male and female youth segment, Hatchback car users.

Idea: Transforming the 3 prinicipal competing models (VW Gol Peugeot 306 and Renault Clio) in the new Toyota Yaris, inviting owners to test drive and challenging them to "change" their cars "old" with the new Yaris.

Strategy: Blankets were used vinyl printed with the design of the new Toyota Yaris, to cover all competing models that were parked in the places most frequented by the target: college parking lots, malls, pubs and nightclubs. When the owner approached the car covered puzzled, appeared a couple of promoters who removed the blanket and handed him a gift (top sun). They had previously placed the invitation to test drive the pilot's side mirror.

Results: The results showed a 21% of a total of 1.630 contacts for the test drive. 80% of sales to date have been specified in the youth segment.

Advertising Agency: Positivo, Peru
Creative Directors / Art Director / Copywriter: César Barrios

February, 2010


NomadDCLXVI's picture
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to be honest - I would be pissed off it someone would cover my Honda.


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I think i've seen this before. I'll try to get the link

thedesignaddict's picture
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My first impression when I saw this was it looks like a damaged Toyota (covered in dents). You know what they say about first impressions...

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lol exactly, I thought it was about some car insurance!

tubito's picture
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this was done before...pretty sure

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Great idea... bravo. (i love ambient work... agencies should work more on that)

Simple ideas are the best !

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As much as ambient campaigns are great, this is too elaborate for the message you want to convey. It's not natural. Just placing the invitation for the test drive on the mirror was enough.

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wondering how effective the campaign was

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and how many cars did u cover? god i would be pissed if i would see my car covered.. but to really get the idea accross i would have put the suncover on the windshield, the cards in the mirrors, maybe even a STICKER on the back window, and only THEN cover the car entirely with that. THAT would freaking get the idea across.

"U think it's perfect?! Press delete and start again!"

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I think this one's awesome!
Though thedesignaddict 's comment has got me thinking about its drawbacks.

I would really like to know about the results.

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anibal smith
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pucha que se pasaron, que pendejos

osea que cambie mi auto viejo por uno que no se que es y que se ve peor que mi auto viejo
porque el aspecto es muy malo asi digan que es un hatchback de primera o un rolls-royce phantom.
para colgar esto y adjudicarselo hay que ser bien caradura o bien sonso

para un taller de planchado de carrocería hubiese sido muy bueno pero ya quemaste la idea.

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