Topvar Beer: Bottle-trumpet

As one of the main partners of the Lotto Cup 2007 in ice hockey, Topvar beer had in addition with logos all over the arena also special designed trumpets designed as beer bottles (and used for cheering for your team) distributed among the crowds.

Advertising Agency: Istropolitana D'Arcy, Bratislava, Slovakia
Creative Director: Peter Darovec
Art Director: Vladimir Durajka
Copywriter: Katarina Popracova
Product design: Rado Minjarik


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new age advertiser

bang on!

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where's the guy drinking from though? There's a green thing in his hand that looks exactly like a bottle...

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WOW! You're right. That is a bottle. A plastic bottle.

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Excellent cameo.

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nice work well done !!!

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Heineken did this during the world cup in Germany.

The Germans banned this one out of the stadiums because another beerbrand was topsponsor:

So, Heineken came up with this brilliant idea (click and scroll down):

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It's the same problem, but different, improved upon solution. I saw this earlier today and had to come back and comment because it's such a great idea. Be prepared to be copied.

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this is awesome. would be even better if these were filled with beer and you could twist off the bottom when the bottle's empty and make some noise. then again this would probably not be realisable

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and thats new, well done.

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it still alive?

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andrej dwin
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no they're not.
but there's still two agencies in the world who use the name - Romanian "D'Arcy" (if they didn't rebrand, meanwhile) and "Istropolitana D'Arcy" in Slovakia.
the reason is simple: noone ever wrote a formal letter giving note that the name is dead and shouldn't be used anymore and the agency owners don't want to hear about changing the name (what for? is their reply)
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AdArena: Sex Sells

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it's not my favourite beer but thanx god they have a new bottle and a new etiquette now because that one looks really awfull...anyway, quite a good idea. I like it!

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Brilliant work guys. Keep it up.

"Sex sells. Truth even better." - A friend

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Great idea. Bravo

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a successful illegal "trespassing"

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