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Brilliant ad. Fresh Approach

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Awesome stuff, great use of ambient

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first thought. boring!

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first thought?

if you had to come up with an idea that tells people about the freshness of cling wrap, one of the initial thoughts you'd have is to highlight it on along a wall like this?

dear god, you must be a genius.

if that's first thought for you, god knows what you're creating when given some time to sink your teeth into the brief...

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very gooooood.

love anything creative

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Done similarly many times for laundry detergent, teeth whiteners, etc.

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freshness for walls? WOOOOW! don't like it

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Killer Kowalski
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when you use something else as an analogy to explain the benefit of your product, its called "transfer" and lot of ads using "transfer" get awards. just keep an eye on it...

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It's weak. Fresh wall ?? Sorry but this analogy you call "transfer" has to be on a similar dimension. Cleaning products and clean wall - ok I agree, but freshness and fresh wall ?? Da hell ??

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Killer Kowalski
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well, the wall decays because of the environmental conditions, so does food. i think that's ok. to me this idea has other weaknesses...

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"Keep groceries fresh"....Does anyone eat bricks ?
This idea works better with other products named before (by Slum).

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Killer Kowalski
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I like the idea. But it feels like "done before million times" anyway. And why is the headline "Freshness that last" nowhere? Without, regular people wont get your message! Using the actual packing looks nice on your board, but on a wall it's quite small and peolpe have to get really close to get what it's all about. And the street doesn't look like many pedestrians come along at all. So you have a rather good idea, probably done before, nobody gets, and hardly anyone sees.

Nice try though...


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Good ad.

It probably uses a layer to fake a cleaner wall but people will get intrigued and gets what it is trying to say in a creative way. It'd at least leaves a smile. And I believe it doesn't even need a copy, just stick the product on the wall and people will get the message already.

Maybe core idea has been used, and so does ad ideas it has been been used over and over again for centuries but refreshed and done in different ways!

About the traffic, we can't judge that. Pictures might have been taken on a low-traffic time. Or people stopped and stand away as this pictures was taken. I've been there and done that (taking pictures and people does stand away from it although in a crowded tunnel).

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aber vielleicht sollte man auch Analogien nehmen die Sinn machen, die hier macht überhaupt keinen.

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Killer Kowalski
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Die Mauer ist wie neu (frisch) wo topits sie schützt und der Rest vergammelt. Für Werber einfach zu verstehen, für normale Leute nicht. Siehe mein Kommentar etwas weiter oben...

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same TIDE approach

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You got to be really colse to the little box to see what is it all about. Its cool, but doesn't seem to be very effective.

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i hope Banksy rips it off the wall and pisses on you.

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Banksy come to rescue!


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that's why I'm into ads. Search of genius. (Found it here).

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