Tooheys New White Stag Beer: Carb relief

We were asked to launch a new low carbohydrate beer into a market already flooded with low carb brands.

Our beer has only 1/3 carbs, so we decided to operate like a charity, giving away the other 2/3 to people who love carbs the most. Americans. The more beer Australians drank, the more carbs we could donate to hungry Americans.

The 6-month sales target was achieved in the first 3 weeks, selling over one million Litres of white stag. It was so popular that trade demanded it be made available on tap some 21 months earlier than originally planned. We thought that was pretty good.

Why the method of promotion was most relevant to the product:
White Stag beer had 2/3 carbs to spare. Since Americans seem to love oversized meals and high carbohydrates, they were the perfect recipients. Australians have also had a longstanding love/hate relationship with America, which made them the perfect recipients of our excess carbs.

Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, Sydney, Australia
Executive Creative Director: Steve Back
Creative Director: David Bowman
Copywriter: Iggy Rodriguez
Art Director: Justin Carew


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I think its funny because Australia is actually the fattest country in the world - maybe we should deliver the carbs to ourselves because we love them more.

"The latest comprehensive obesity study has shown that 26 per cent of adult Australians - almost four million - are now obese, one million more than the last calculation in 1999. The findings give Australia top spot as the world's most overweight nation, ahead of the notoriously super-sized Americans, who have a 25 per cent obesity rate."

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it is so cute!

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