This stunt was for P-Mates a disposable, biodegradable product that makes it possible for women to pee standing up. To drive trial where the product was most needed (i.e. dirty public toilets), we reversed the men¹s and women¹s washroom signs at a local bar. Stepping into the washroom, women were met with signage on the floor, over the sink, the urinal and in the stall. With free P-Mate samples mounted on the signs and trial offer coupons printed on nearby toilet paper, it only took a few brave women to spark a chain reaction that spilled out of the washroom, onto the street and into neighboring bars.

Special Thanks to the Black Frog for lending space.

Advertising Agency: Big House Communications, Vancouver, Canada
Associate Creative Director: Michael Bryden
Art Director: Mike Fiorentino
Copywriter: Chris Kostyal

August 2007


kalpesh78's picture
2578 pencils

Great.. lolzzz

ideas....30 minutes nahi toh free.

hollywood's picture
103 pencils

"...spark a chain reaction that spilled out of the washroom, onto the street and into neighboring bars."

[edited by admin for bad language] Or was it something else?

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2555 pencils

ha ha ha "spilled out of the washroom", onto the street and into neighboring bars. finally the woman who's been running around and spilling pee has been apprehended by the local bouncer.

Arnold Santillan

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588 pencils

how is it used? i want demos and pictures!

Stigset's picture
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This has to be the weirdest thing i've seen in a long time...

Chico Ribeiro's picture
Chico Ribeiro
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I agree. It goes against the strongest laws of nature! Woman peeing standed? What next?

Ali Manzoor 's picture
Ali Manzoor

The wonders of science have helped mankind to progress so far and deep, that now even wonen can stand by men and fulful their quest to pee!!! but i like the concept, while the women are eating food, place free samples of the product that can help then pee, I mean what thought, here I am eating and i am being given the idea of pissing, how refreshing is that!!!!

1838 pencils

Wow! Brave stunt, which looks like it paid off.

I hate the branding graphics; the tacky symbols and colours are insultingly obvious, but the product has been well advertised and its a great overall marketing stunt!

We're going to need more lube.

marco's picture
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Yah nice idea. Ho hum art direction, yah a little T-Mobile.

Except for the floor sticker the rest looks really retouched in??

Jean_BR's picture
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yeah the little posters are definetly retouched or something

I.P.Freely's picture

Haha!!! Love this idea. Brings new meaning to the term 'captive audience.'

Reg's picture
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what, does t-mobile own pink?
good one, love the toilet paper tear away coupons.

Notalladssuck's picture

I didn't realize that Helvetica Round and the color Magenta were forever more the sole property of T-Mobile. Come on people these comments are pathetic! This is good work. It stands up....

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get it? it stands up. i think it's clever medium. protects womens' tush from being infected with germs. "helvetica rounded and pink are also colors of dunkin donuts"..

Arnold Santillan

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Yeah, an art director i work with just referred to this product as a "pee-pee-tee-pee". Which made me laugh. I prefer the "cardboard wo-dong" ...

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i just like the product

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what if the woman is on her period? what would they do? blood splatter all over the toilet bowl. i would be freaked out to see that in the toilet. they should call it the "vunnel" if you look at the spout it's pretty wide therefore the splatter would be tremendous. in our case "men" our spout is perfectly designed to spray in a streamline mode and such force. and what if a woman's labia majora is butterflying would it fit? i guess back to the drawing board.

p.s. if you notice we "men" when we urinate, look at the stream it's in a spiral motion. i need to stop drinking beer.

Arnold Santillan

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