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Kinda like this.

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It doensn't make any sense. They printed a photo in a folded paper. If you open it there would be no images between pages. SCAM. TOTAL SCAM. SORRY GUYS. Doesn't make ANY sense at all. This same briefing has been done by DPZ and it was a LOT better.

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Jeff Ng
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If It is a piece of poster, ( No one would unfold it) then the concept is not bad with the help of copy. It is boring to keep using shaking hand and blur image to present this function.

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Dear "Jeff Ng", it's clear to me you're one of the "creatives" involved in this campaign. You registered 2 DAYS AGO. C'mon, this campaign makes no sense at all. Ad Critic is right. It's of the worst campaigns in the last month here in this website. Sorry man, try harder.

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The cameras are good but I am not sure about the ad. The folded paper doesn't represent the shake free to me.

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This is what happens sometimes when paper gets jammed in the printer, the image on creased paper. This is dumb. Brazil is way below par these days.

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Way to group the entire country of Brazil under the "crappy" category, even though 1/1,000,000 of their ads are represented here.

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comming from an oil-texas-marketing 18-years-american-girl, this is a compliment.
about the ad: i dont like it, is forced, unreal, weak.
but this dont means Brasil as a country or all Brasil ads are "crappy".

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I don't see any logic behind these. At least, they should have chosen images which would make the photographer tremble (such as heavy weather conditions or great excitement).