T-Mobile Public Service Call&Drive: Crash

Crash. New fragrance for men. Fragrance strip: The unique fusion of burnt rubber, brake fluid and excrement. If you don't want to experience it again, don't drive and call. Message brought to you by T-Mobile.

Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, Prague, Czech Republic
Creative Director: Chris Steinmann
Art Director: David Suda
Copywriter: Ondrej Soucek
Photographer: Goran Tacevski
Published: March 2007


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Exactly how is the smell of an accident???? If you crush your nose with the steering, no odor is ever gonna be perceived. This is stupid.


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They answer that for you don't they: "The unique fusion of burnt rubber, brake fluid and excrement." Your line of thought is somewhat disturbing and I'm pretty sure you're alone there.
Smart ad.

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But, if I'm reading this ad as a spectator who likes to smell perfumes in ladies magazines, and NOWHERE in the ad says "This is a unique fusion of burnt rubber, brake fluid and excrement, so you can feel with your nose the sensation of a car accident", I wouldn't understand it. But, if I smell tire and poo, how am I supposed to see the point of it. Do people shit on its pants when having an accident? What about the odor of gasoline, oil or maybe the burnt leather of the seats? It's not smart, it's just an excuse to use the "eau de toilette" sample as a spoof. And, besides, T-mobile would put a gigantic logo on this ad, not just a line.
That's how I see it.


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Ondrej Soucek
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This is pretty big campaign and it´s really paid by T-Mobile Czech. It´s not only print but also boomerang cards, citylights and radio. The smell is also real.

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smell of a serious car accident!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????????????????????? c'mon!!

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Smell of burnt rubber, brake fluid or whatever don't deter people from driving while talking on the mobile. Come on!!! I just this is trying to be too smart or creative for the sake of creative.

Back in Malaysia where I came from, the most effective road safety campaign that I've seen was actually those Road Safety exhibition in the school, where they exhibit disgusting images of car accidents and the victims. It just stick to your mind forever like an ice-pick.

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Doesn't work for me.

ideas....30 minutes nahi toh free.

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Neither does for me.

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Try too hard. Lame.

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