October 2007

Eventually, it's too late to pre-plan.
Planning your own final arrangements may not be on the top of your "To do" list. But if you wait too long, the burden may end up with loved ones during an emotional time. So take the time now, and pre-plan. It's easier than you think and you get to have things just the way you want. No strings attached.

Advertising Agency: ACLC, Toronto, Canada
Creative Director: Tony Miller
Copywriter: Jason Locey
Art Director: Rodger Eyre
Illustrator: John Coburn

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Kind of boring, but the art direction is nice.

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Charlie Pratt
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I like these! Death is such a tricky issue, you don't want to be too serious or too funny. This toes the line nicely, I think. Pun intended.

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andrej dwin
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the "cut here" trick ain't new, but I like it here.
what hurts the ad in my opinion is that strange headline and copy. also the whole thing is too virtual to make me really think I should pre-plan.
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AdArena: Sex Sells

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>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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