The School of Visual Arts: Push The Envelope

Images of envelopes with custom-engraved steel push-plates were installed on the school’s doors. School of Visual Arts students literally “Pushed The Envelope” while entering and exiting. Translation: "Push The Envelope" is an American phrase which means to innovate or go beyond commonly accepted boundaries.

Advertising Agency: KNARF, New York, USA
Executive Creative Director: Frank Anselmo
Creative Directors: Jayson Atienza, Richard Wilde
Art Directors/Writers: Jayson Atienza, Frank Anselmo
Photographer: Billy Siegrist


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I saw this in Communication Arts and remember saying to myself "Very clever!!!"
I still feel the same. It's not the type of idea I think everyone will instantly get.
But that's what makes it super-smart. 10+++

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That's hilarious and quite appropriate for an art school.

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Ha ha ha ha ha! I wish all advertising was as fun as this.
I especially love that the PUSH plate serves as the headline.
This one could have easily been messed up by bad art direction.
A breath of fresh air to see this idea done so simple.

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i'll pretend i never saw this.
push the envelope...and you literally push an envelope. i think knarf needs to go back to SVA.

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Stop voting for your work. This is just bad.

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It´s a nice detail for a School of Visual Arts...but it is about branding, not adv

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Luis Maram
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Good detail for a visual arts school, but it is branding, not adv

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I imagine this idea is better in person.
Very graphic and intriguing. Kudos

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Ah, the visual pun returns.

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gr8 concept

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great for an exit - hopefully inspiring students to approach the world outside school differently - just as they're about to walk out into it... nice

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Ugh...sort of boring. Ok at best but then...why do a fancy comp. I'm sure the creative team got really jazzed up about this idea and then comped it up in an hour. Stay away from cliches and a general rule.

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