The Philippine National Nutrition Council: Trash man

Eat trash and you'll look like it.
A message from National Nutrition Council. 1974

Advertising Agency: Dentsu Philippines, Manila, Philippines
Executive Creative Director: Mike Calaquian
Associate CD / Copywriter: Chan dela Calzada
Art Director: Sandy Floria
Producer: Dennis Carlos


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124 pencils

No way!! the message just doesn't come across at all!!

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30 pencils

U hu.

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4172 pencils

Terrible photoshop. Terrible idea. Not clear at all.

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What's the problem with him? Many people would like to have a body like that... or the title is talking about the fake photoshop??

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hmmm... i really don't get it.

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Yeah this is actually an outdoor material, whoever posted this WITHOUT our permission forgot to put that. It's a trash bag attached to a poster. Whenever people place their trash in the bag, the "belly" gets bigger.

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yeah, it's a poster with a trash bag attached to it - not a print ad. whomever sent this is in forgot to include the concept board.

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