The North Face: Outdoor Essentials

Problem: How can you advertise in retail stores that have no advertising space because of housing thousands of competitive products?

Solution: Package rocks, twigs and leaves as retail products and place them in the store space available - the product racks and shelves! These items showed customers that unless you buy the The North Face gear, you'll have to depend on these to survive outdoors.

Results: Customers were instantly drawn to the merchandise. (Some even wanted to buy them?!) Better still, purchase of the The North Face products increased by 38%. Not bad for a campaign built on twigs, leaves and stones.

Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi Manila, Philippines
Creative Directors: Andrew Petch, Tony Sarmiento, Raoul Floresca, Trixie Diyco
Art Director: Janette de Veyra
Copywriters: Paolo Agulto, Maan Agsalud
Agency Producers: Rodel Quitain, Dennis Obien


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very cool idea

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very nice.. like this a lot!!

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This is pretty cool!

Love the packaging.

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interesting approach, yet it's got fake written all over.
No store owners would want to use their precious space for advertising goods.
they want their space to sell products.

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saatchi did this?

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wait, the solution: unless you buy Northface gear, otherwise your survival will have to depend on these items (rock, stick, etc.), and there is a Northface logo on those items!?
Won't the consumer think that Northface is selling "wilderness" instead? The idea isn't all that bad, but the logic of the whole purpose is wrong. Check it again and re-state your "problem & solution".
by the way, your solution doesn't really solve your problem of "no advertising space".

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little bit weird strategy and explanations, good results anyway!

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Makes me want to buy it.

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awsome! i probly would have been one of the customers who would want to buy one. its funny and very good packaging, but Im a packaging junkie

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unfortunatly i don't really like it.

but when I see the results..... it's quite brethtaking..... 38%??? just for this kind of campaign??

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Sydney based jake
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Great shelf appeal and beautiful pack design,
S&S done it again it looks like.

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mind blowing concept... and great results achieved

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