The Horse and Hound Boutique: Meatballs

How do you reach dog owners? Through their dogs. How do you reach dogs? Through their nose. Dog-sized outdoor boards was produced. Each one was prepared with meatballs and then placed next to the boutique.

Advertising Agency: Ruth Advertising, Stockholm, Sweden
Art Directors / Copywriters: Anders Granberg, Jenny Berg
Account executive: Hanna Jönsson
Managing Director: Johanna Jernbäck
Photographers: Erika Lidén, Linda Åkerman
Typographer: Anders Nilsson

January 2009


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Emran Hayat
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hahahah... gr8 idea. hope thy've attracted the audience

Creativity is a natural extension of our enthusiasm

morse's picture
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It's a great idea, but similar to this:

.. / .-.. --- ...- . / .- -.. ...- . .-. - .. ... .. -. --.

Dev Kumar's picture
Dev Kumar
834 pencils

Although there are many ways to attract dogs, this one's among the more interesting ways...

Sehba's picture
28 pencils

the idea is the same but the execution n indirect..but then *twinkle* it works!

Guest's picture

yeah but who's responsible for replacing the meatball once it spoils or is consumed by birds?
also, would be nice to have the actual copy translated from the Swedish.

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I hope they replace the meatballs. It going to be nice and fresh after a few days.

just write's picture
just write
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good one... idea is very good

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lol, I like the last photo. The one with the black dog. He looks like he's drooling.

Ohkamp's picture
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Interesting but I think the way Pedigree executed this idea was much better. They made dog bowls stickers and posters that smelled like dog food so the dog was actually approaching something that made a bit more sense than a photo of a wagging tail.

kergu's picture
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fff/&%ing clever...

Nash Albacea's picture
Nash Albacea
22 pencils

Such a brilliant idea of targeting the right audience! Kudos!

DJVassallo's picture
243 pencils

sooo clever to attract the right audience... if it would be that easy with humans....

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