The Hole 3D: The launch of the movie

Launch of the movie The Hole in 3D directed by Joe Dante.
(A pair of brothers stumble upon a mysterious hole in their basement that leads to the darkest corridors of their fears and nightmares.)

Step 1: 2 weeks before: GUERRILLA. Floorstickers with a man falling into an hole were placed all over metro stations in Rome and Milan and in hundred of movie theaters.
Step 2: 2 weeks before WEB. Website about the movie with extra content (trailer, bills, phobias etc..).
Step 3: 10 days before: AMBIENT. Fake legs were added at the floorstickers and at special Billboards.
Step 4: 1 week before: EVENT. A black container was placed in the center of Milan and people were invited to challenge their fears. An infrared-cam recorded people’s reactions and the videos were uploaded on youtube and facebook.
Step 5: PROMOTION. Limited edition t-shirts (showing different fears to fight) were produced. People could win them entering the container.
Step 6: GADGETS. Fluorescent bracelets were given during the days of the event.
Step 7: 2 days before: 3D PRINT. Special 3D print was published on free press “On Stage”. 3D glasses were distributed with the magazine.

Advertising Agency: Auge, Milano, Italy
Creative Directors: Federica Ariagno, Giorgio Natale
Graphic designer: Corrado Grilli
Copywriter: Niccolò Bossi
Photographers: Corrado Grilli, Niccolò Bossi
Event production: h(live)
Published: May 2010


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simple and good.

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good stuff

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What an exhausting campaign.

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yeahh a lot of stuff uh?

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I like the one that located at the buttom of the evelevator !!! Nice installation !

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