The door

Your office is everywhere

The idea was to use doors of a typical manager's office, then place them in a different parts of the city. The action was complemented by hanging leaflets on the doorknobs of each door that read:

Creative Director: Pablo Gil, Sebastián Garín.

Advertising Agency: Grey, Argentina
Copywriter: Dauquén Chabeldín
Art Director: Diego Rubio

December 2006


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damn. wish i did it.

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really? i dont.

i dont think it this has been done in a much more effective manner by ibm (i believe?) where they used a desk instead of a door.

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oh, haven't seen the ibm stuff.
im sure its not the first time some piece of office furniture has been left outside as ambient, so i dont really think it sounds the same. similar, yes. but then, you could say that about 99% of all advertising.
think this stands out aas being very different though - i like it.

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yeah...whatever gets people thinking about the product in new ways right.

i wonder if the back has a stick propping it up??

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was wondering that too
wouldnt work in chicago :)

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Don't really like it to be honest.

Fail Harder.

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Nice idea but I don't know about the product. Seems a bit too much for this brand.

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it just tells me that your ugly office door is everywhere.

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John Huerbert II
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this ad makes me very sad. i feel pitty for poor people. i would be depressed if i had only a door without my estate in cambridge massachusetts. where would i invite my friends from bording school for for caviar and wokeremoora? would they just knock on a door, which isnt connected to house and wait for me to open it?

now this ad makes me feel poor. you know the kind of poor that is poor. the kind that eats yesterdays clams, dines with stailess steel silverware, and just doesnt understand vinimeritutti®.

be strong my lower classmen. as you say "i have your back homies" and "i feel your stuggle"

John Huerbert II is sadened for theis ad that is discriminatory against you :(

keep the faith alive bichez

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This guy's a JOKE !!!!

Was he hired to add some entertainment to this site??!!

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Just don't engage him. You should rather feel sorry for him.

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John Huerbert II
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i feel sorry for your moma who is middle call person living without a trust fund. it is so funny that she goes to work 5 days a week. funny to the point of tears dripping on my face. really. if it was up to John Huerbert II, no one would suffer a middle calss life like your moma.

i hope ur suffering ends. soon. very soon. bichez.

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John Huerbert II
44 pencils

John Huerbert II is not a joke. read the bible i am on page 67.

not this site nor any corporation in the entire universe has enough monies and mutual funds to hire John Huerbert II. John Huerbert II does not work for money. unless its made out of gold or rubies found in guantelemika. John Huerbert II puts gold coins in vending machines. John Huerbert II rules.

John Huerbert II says you are all his bichez...bichez.

is that subtacial. biches.

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ming the merciless
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Hey man - you've announced yourself. You're pretty 'wacky'. Why don't you try writing something funny?

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nice made up word there ivy league..subtacial??

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viral fever
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done before but hey the door's better than a desk))0000

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I don't want my office to be everywhere, I want some time away from the darn place.

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what happening friends... fistcuff next???
we're discussing ads not responses!

ok about the ad/ ambient... its average according to me... a better message would be welcome! maybe "explode your office space!"... just a thought starter!

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I love outdoor advertising campaigns. Can there really be such thing as a bad one? I need to stay in more!

original doodles + creative sweat =

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Sorry to stray from the subject at hand and talk still more about John Puberty II, but can we form a petition to ban him from the site? Common Ivan, he's an embarrasment! He adds nothing!

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he'll just come back as John Puberty III...

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Compton, California it will not work.. I still like that Dave Chappel's internet show if you guys see it.. funny

Arnold Santillan

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