The Comedy Channel: Naked

Clothing was placed at bus shelters in conjunction with posters to promote the TV series The Power Of One, in which renowned Hypnotist Peter Powers got people to carry out outrageous tasks under hypnosis. An innovative form of typography was used in the poster to make the type appear to move.

Agency: Three Drunk Monkeys
Art Directors: Justin Drape, Sam Chappell
Copywriters: Scott Nowell, Nick Morrissey


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love it

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Oooh this is good! :D

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Very smart.

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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Don't you hate it when you have to actually go check everyday to see if your idea hasn't been "stolen" by someone?
Nice work. Just take a picture and send it to the awards shows so you can take the whole thing down fast!

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Just like the new Levi's jeans ambient happened in town.

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agree no more

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Xnt use of typography. Bet theres a few homeless guys cruising around in new duds.

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