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And when viewed from the wrong perspective (all 359 degrees of it), it's just another average, confusing ad.

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Corona Raymaker
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No, because , you would understand it's the same scenery , and go and stand in front of it, to make it work. It's the sort of ad you can play and interact with. I would love to see it for real.

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possibly... don't forget that most ppl couldn't give a fk about advertising and aren't going to spend time 'interacting' with it.

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yes but that goes for all advertising, those who doesn't give a fk about it, aren't spend time with any of it. This one is on a truck, they put police line ribbons around it, they staged it very well, so it pretty much forces you to watch it.

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effective.it wrkz coz ppl there cn easily relate to it...

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Great! I'd love to have seen it.

"What do we have to do, to get your attention? Set off an earthquake in the Bay Area!"

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More info:

according to Andy G. on thecoolhunter.net,

"Nothing grabs an audience's attention more effectively than a clever optical illusion. Combine that with an ingenious ad campaign and you get this brilliant mobile billboard for The Red Cross, currently gracing the streets of San Francisco.

It's photo journalism, meets Hollywood blockbuster movie poster, and it is turning plenty of heads wherever it parks itself. Enthusiastic onlookers have been snapping up photos of the mobile billboard and posting, uploading and sharing them online with friends. This is a brilliant example of how an audience can further promote the exposure of a great advertising campaign through mobile phones, blogs and sites such as flickr."

so i guess people ARE interacting with it. I think it's really cool. I would interact with it. :D

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Lecter Lecaros
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Doesn’t work in real life

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very nice.

no matter what the angle is, you recognize it as your city. if you can get people to do a double take, or in this case, walk backwards a little, you've just done more than 99% of all ads out there.

this seems pretty fresh.


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Jet Propulsion Lab
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Hal Riney/San Francisco

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Love the debate. It seems to be happening all over, not just on ad sites. My partner and I are responsible for this campaign. Our job was to get people in the Bay area to react and get prepared for a big earthquake. After previous campaigns by the Red Cross, only 6% of people are ready. Since this launch, their website has been swamped. It's been getting media coverage, from local TV news, newspaper, blogs, Flikr and word of mouth. We haven't even launched the TV, print or Taxis yet. Have a look at the Craigslist posting: http://hrp.com/awards/redcross/redcrossD.html

More to come.

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