Terminix: House

Advertising Agency: Publicis, Dallas, USA
Creative Directors: Pete Voehringer, Steve Grimes
Art Director: Dustin Taylor
Copywriter: Andrew Beckman
Photographer: Scott Harben
Executive Creative Director: Shon Rathbone
GCD: Julial Melle
Production Company: See Pictures

May 2009


Davosk's picture
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This is very extravegant. Also looks fake.

ivan's picture

If this is done for real I think it's amazing. Even if they didn't do it, still a great idea.

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andrej dwin
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sorry, but disagree.
the number of ppl who might see it and read that sign is minimal. perhaps if you got it on news it might get you some results, but else it's just a way to spend a ton of money to impress a couple hundred (at best) people.
also, it sure screams "photoshoped" and we should keep a clear distinction between real work, scams and ideas that never even made it anywhere.

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ivan's picture

I agree. As you suggested the documentation of the ambient will bring more publicity than the original idea.

Whether it's real or not and making a distinction... well, that's a huge issue in advertising. Does it qualify as "ran" if I put a post stamp size ad in the last page of a paper with a circulation of 300 copies?

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Definitely ambient-worthy!!!

I think; therefore I am

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good idea

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So tired of ambient ads that two dozen people see. Would be cooler if they had some google earth tie-in or something that could at least make it accessible to a larger audience. Surely not worth the money.

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It absolutely gets the idea across in one glance. Good execution doesn't have to be complex.

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Agreed, really cool idea. Just looks a bit rough.

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totally fake

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Target market: award juries. It will be seen by more of them than the public.

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just write
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funny but exaggrated approach forced one

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And near houses ?...

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Not commenting on idea, but SURELY you can all tell its photoshopped?


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Unless it is explained how that window has its own light source in order to be so white, this is Photoshopped. It's not a bad pitch for an ambient design though. I believe it enlightens the general public on the problems termites can cause, because a lot of people take them for granted.

Bob08's picture
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Space termites I suppose.

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great ....... ambient seem to be the best way to communicate such a brand like this. It was success i guess.

senindadb's picture
15 pencils

great ....... ambient seem to be the best way to communicate such a brand like this. It was success i guess.

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