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haha… very funny. and that's it. not every piece must send a message or a strongt concept or help build the brand with strategic declines… i think.

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And? I don't think I get it...
In God I trust

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Well, the pros are it's funny, and you get sucked into reading it. The cons are it's big, ugly, and obtrusive. Doesn't fit in whatsoever with the surroundings.

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il loco
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You need to see the whole campaign to get the idea of what it was all about.
It's great!

take a look at it here... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QjnQzyyn2lE

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I agree. After I posted, I looked at the rest of the campaign and it's great. I still don't like this wraparound display though. It's the only part of the campaign that doesn't work for me.

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Like it a lot.

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