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This would never be allowed in the UK, as it suggests this car (or another similar one) is only $14.90 at Toys R Us.

Okay, the brand gives it away, but legally I wonder if this could be used. I don't know about Hong Kong though.

It's an interesting use of ambient media, which I guess is the point.

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don't you think that some of these are prints?

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imation2, i agree...that's what i thought at first too. but then i noticed the creatives involved on the original campaign are involved on this too, so fair play.

i guess they're just extending the campaign for their client.

Hats off to them - cos the ideas big, don't you think ?

This taxi execution is okay, but i prefer some of the other ones. They feel bigger.

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nice idea. just love it.

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Simple and staright to the point. Creative use of ambience media.

Most times, worst enemies used to be best friends...

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