Tata Mutual Fund: Watch your returns and taxes

Advertising Agency: Quadrant Communications, Mumbai, India
Creative Directors: Paul Menacherry, Sachin Karle
Art Director: Pallavi Dalvi
Copywriter: Atin Roy
Other additional credits: Sunil Balan, Jisho Sebastian, Sudhir Jadhav
Released: February 2008


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Hello! There is a risk factor. Just check it. It also means returns coming down and taxes going up. Only near and far are not the actions here.

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i have the same feeling with you.

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my friend, the 'returns' are on the escalator going 'up', and the 'taxes' on the one coming 'down'...so what's the confusion??

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Ditch the sign at the side, and just put the logo/message on every second step and it'd be much more effective.

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yeah, big signs are just in the way

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I smell client intervention.

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I gather they're replacing these decals on a daily basis? Even a few hours in the escalator is gonna be enough to strip them into nothing.


Here, let me save everyone the trouble of asking. "Do you even work in advertising?"

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Guest commenter

sad. how can u be proud of this?

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