Target: Pinball

Australia's biggest toy sale.

Advertising Agency: The Campaign Palace, Melbourne, Australia
Creative Director: Tony Leishman
Art Directors: Subha Naidu, Ben Green
Copywriter: Patrick Lennox

July 2008


amburel's picture
44 pencils

The direction the pegs are set up would knock someone OUT of the store if you were to look at the people as being the balls. That doesn't seem to make sense.

anand_rohit85's picture
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Keep Rocking!!

The elevator to success is out of order. You'll have to use the stairs... one step at a time.

patriciomatus's picture
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why you want to keep people outside the sale?

kristy's picture
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I love the idea, and this view looks great, but I wonder if you would realize what it was supposed to be from on the ground? It looks like the flappers could be mistaken for benches

Zeus's picture
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i like it a lot

Nthngmn's picture
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i don't think that's actually a store entrance. Looks more like a subway system.

STRTLRS's picture
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Thank you. Finally someone that actually "observed" the piece rather than try to find what's wrong with it. Again, thanks Nth.. dude.

I think, therefore... yeah.

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leaking bucket.
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It looks like they had plenty of room in front of the door to actually create a proper Pinball table. The "Big Point" score should be when you walk through the main doors. And yes, I agree that the direction of the pegs should be the other way around.

Could of pushed the idea further instead of just hinting at it.

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Paul Eveleigh
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Is it the biggest toys? Is it the biggest variety? Is it the biggest sale? Is it the biggest idea the agency has?

Hyperbole like ‘biggest”, “best” and so on is fluff. Hard facts and figures obliterate such overblown claims.

Specifics give you more credibility. For example –

“Australia’s biggest toy sale
3,873 toys from $5.95 to $875.”

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When you are coming down the Escalator/Stairs that is the only good angle to catch the view that will give out as a Pinball Arcade. So its perfect this way.

How does it work from the inside out? I am Ignorant, looks like I still need to learn a lot. Poor Joe, and you thought you had it.

Mite, Mite... Look, Look there.
Are-wa Nan-deska?
That, Over There, Thats what you call an Art Director in Diapers.

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