Target Australia: Truck

Australia's biggest toy sale.

Advertising Agency: The Campaign Palace, Melbourne, Australia
Creative Director: Tony Leishman
Art Directors: Subha Naidu, Ben Green
Copywriter: Patrick Lennox
Illustrator: Alex Rodriguez
Released: July 2008


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pfffff great

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Cool :)

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"The Campaign Palace," lol, sounds like a five year old named it.

Tweet tweet: @ThisAbility

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Crisp One
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looks like a 5 year old art directed this truck

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i would say that "looking like a 5 year old art directed this truck" is not a bad thing, ledouche. i just don't think you understand this piece Le douche-bag. it's really cool. well-done. go fuck off ledouche

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Crisp One
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Looks like they came up short...
at leased make it look like
the truck is in a toy package
or something, just looks like
stickers on a truck.

left over budget money or low budget left,
so they squeezed out somewhat of an idea
that traveled along with the "Big Toys" idea

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"Comes with real driver!!" Now that was funny. Patrick is allowed to pat himself on the back.

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I think this is really fun; it makes people search all around the truck to see what other interesting "toy compartments" are there.

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I'm gonna have to agree with Douche, only cheap toys would have these kinds of crappy callouts and snipes. They could have slapped a Tonka of Matchbox logo on it and be done with it. Or even exaggerate some of the vehicle's features to make more toy-like.

I think, therefore... yeah.

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i was in a toy store yesterday and all the toy trucks have those stickers on them. nice idea.

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