TAM Airlines: Shadows

There is more than luggage in your luggage

Installation made of suitcases and a spotlight.

Advertising Agency: Amén, Montevideo, Uruguay
Creative Director: Nacho Vallejo
Copywriter: Matías Salisbury
Account Director: Milena Guillot.
Executive Account: Cecilia Drever.
Production: Obstinado
Published: March 2010


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hhmmm.. I don't get it @_@

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Perhaps it's something to do with the memories from a holiday?

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come on!!! it means that besides tons of luggage you take huge memories with you, like that one which is the sillhouette of the statue of Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro...i think that's GREAT!

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the thought is bit done but the way they have done is nice but i feel its bit bit layered as an ambient ...

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This is what happens when you've snorted the stuff in the luggage, (the stuff that's not luggage).

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Shubhra Aggarwal
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gets the point across very well ..contrary to what some say.. i think its not forced at all ..very easy, natural :) ..catches the attention, teases, forces to think and makes the point! .. good work Uruguay!

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We just saw this same execution last week. A retailer in the UK I believe.


"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

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nicely done in perfect place. i don't know if it's really needed a tag line like that.

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like the idea, but don't know if it's effective...

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Creo que la intersección que existe entre, algunos objetos personales y lo que puede ser un recuerdo....debería ser siempre terreno del arte. Me encantó! felicitaciones a quienes participaron en esto...

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Tommy G.
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Love this one

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I don't think the idea is forced, but the visual (luggages) looks forced indeed.

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