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nice gaijin
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re: this whole campaign

While I like the idea of having advertising that is aware of its placement, I think the execution here is lacking, and the copy feels awkward.

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What if I read ten more of these ads? Will I slit my wrist out of boredom?

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echo for
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this ad used for the post in doorway of restanrant.it is enough.
maybe this awkward copy is just our thinking when we passed this usual station

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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I have absolutely no idea what you just said.
But that's okay, you're VERY pretty...

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NO Jet... NOOOOO! Don't fall for the oldest trick in advertising: using beautiful women to save a campaign :)
Anyway... I can appreciate the fact they made these single posters for specific locations very much. Only think they could have done better, more funny things...

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oh, come one. "they could have done better"? the idea of posters refering to their location is very standard for a local campaign. and these lines (and the "art") are just botched for me. sorry

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in other words, you're saying: "they could have done better", no? ;)

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if "they could have done better" are always other words for "this is crap", then yes ;)

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yes, these lines are extremely boring, they are crap and they could have been better :)

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takes one posibility and push it

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