TAC: Crashed Car Ambient

Speed is one of the major factors contributing to crashes on Victoria's roads. Small changes in speed can result in significant reductions in road trauma. JayGrey Melbourne decided to take that message to the streets. Literally.We did something that had never been done before. We covered a normal car with a 360° skin created from a vehicle involved in a high-speed collision.The car was then delivered to press conferences and media launches and is currently traveling around Victoria to serve as an impactful reminder that slowing down wont kill you.


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nice.. good idea an art direction

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Ron Burgundy
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Im not hating on this, but I feel like the same impression could be made if you ferried around an actual crashed up car...I do like the execution, seems like this could be re-thought for car insurance or something

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I beg to differ, because people have already seen lots n lots of crashed cars used for raising awarness concerning reckless driving, and for car insurances too. So, in my opinion, it's a common thing. This, however, is different and gets more of your attention.
And the copy is fantastic.

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Wasn't this exact idea listed here a few months ago?

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Would have been 200% better to use a real crashed car wrapped around a lamp post. There's your idea. You're welcome.

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Nice one...



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May be it works but it lacks the heart hitting factor!

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great implementation of thought.

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good thought!! this creative made me remind abt

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