Symantec: Invitation card, Vision

Advertising Agency: Rapp Collins, Budapest, Hungary
Art Director: Susan Batori
Copywriter: Tamás Csornai-Kovacs
Released: September 2006

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Ika's picture
18 pencils

What!?! Is the ferrous powder supposed to represent attendees to the conference? That's the only way it makes sense, but that's a bit of a stretch.

Eugens's picture
2630 pencils

Great idea, I would have loved it to receive something like this. Congrats.

Pouts's picture
691 pencils

Amazingg, really really GOOD i agree with Eugens! i really would like to have it

oligofree's picture
288 pencils

Really nice Vision.

It's my job to keep punk rock elite

popdistortion's picture
1594 pencils

A card and some white powder. At first I thought it was something different.

Rog's picture
6094 pencils

Magnetic card stock! The mind boggles. (in a good way.) Cool.

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

tiny_wordz's picture
325 pencils

not bad.

jasen's picture

Great invitation card.i love creative card! its gives a thumbs up on SU!!

khronos's picture
998 pencils

think the idea is still in the rough, its a nice thought, but i think they needed to refine it a lil more, maybe a magnetised "VISION" which attracts the iron powder, when u sprinkle it over the paper and give it a shake? i dunno, first thought :P

prohomopithecus's picture
39 pencils

that was the idea, just read over the description

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