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Cool idea, but you would only get it seen by a few dozen people. And it would bug the crap out of me if I were swimming.

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I think it is meant to bug you. It's an issue that needs to be dealt with, so they want to make you feel uncomfortable.

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this is not insightful, there is no new spin on the subject, this wouldn't work as advertising.

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I totally agree that there would be a limited amount of viewers. It's good so see ads in different places though. If I see one more clever ad on a bus I am going to go crazy.

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maybe they can place the ad in many places so more people see the idea.. i still like it..

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Not bad idea, funny, but i'm not sure people would be happy to see ad underwater ... and i also think that no many people would see it.

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Rick Lee
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Very targeted for people that goes to the pool...

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It really bugged me for a second ....... awesome.

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8 Flr Fishheads
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Awesome! .... in bad photoshopping. Bad idea. Bad execution. Execute the team.

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Awesome!Awesome!Awesome!Awesome!Awesome!Awesome!Awesome!.....Nice ambient

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Exaggerates the issue to such an extreme degree as to render the effort self defeating. People will begin to take the issue less seriously when you present such extreme and dishonest consequences.

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LOSERbeak! It rocks.

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Wow. Such insightful analysis Tinglow. Typical of someone who responds on a purely emotional level devoid of any reason or thought. Exactly the audience such a missleading and dumbed-down ad is intended for.

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Now look whos comments are suspended mid-air. Baseless arguments. What makes you feel that this ad is misleading? Advertising lives on hyperbole. And the hyperbole works only if it is hyper. Infact this is not even out of proportion. It is well with in the scientific environs. If you have been exposed to a little bit of science, it says that the Arctic Ice-caps hold enough water to sink 2/3rds of the globe.

And as earlier discussed it is meant to be disturbing. So what, if it takes to spread some genuine awarness with a little bit of creative essence.

I see something else that has ignited this baseless argument. Oh let me guess is it something to do with your name. Oops, Sorry brother. Dint mean any offence. LOL.

Happy new year.

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Tinglow, you're wrong on two points.
#1"Infact this is not even out of proportion. It is well with in the scientific environs." Actually, no. Sea levels will NOT rise several hundred feet in your lifetime, as depicted in this ad. Period. Even hardcore believers in anthropogenic global warming like the IPCC predict only a rise of 9 to 88 CENTIMETERS over the next century. So it appears, Tinglow, it is you with the "baseless arguments". Sorry, but "The Day After Tomorrow" movie does not qualify as a legitimate scientific source.
#2 Hyperbole and dramatization are important tools in advertising. However, overdo it and you run the risk of losing credibility. Particularly with a serious issue (this isn't Miller Lite or Skittles we're selling here). Exaggerating 88 centimeters into a flood covering 88 story skyscrapers is going too far. It's simply not anywhere in the realm of credible. Lose credibility and you lose the impetus to create change in peoples behaviour and they won't take you seriously. Result: an ineffective anti-global warming message.

Intellectual slap down. "It comes just like that!"

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I just have to say that, this ad is not thought of keeping your lifetime in mind. It is showing the worst thing that global-warming can ever do to this green planet. And how can you say it's over-done?It is perfectly subtle in the books of hyperbole.

Now lets go by your latest google research on GWCW: Alligning yourself to the holy truth and going by the facts online would be really self-defeating. You need to also keep the impact in mind. It would sail like a ship in the night sea. Seriously dude, check the left side of your brain. Pragmatically, for something to be noticed and to have a strong impact, for that matter make you feel a little uneasy, you need to exaggerate a little bit and i see this well with in the boundaries.

And if you think refering a few google pages makes you an intellect, i would have you to know that Advertising does not prefer to sail the google-way. It has a different route.

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"How can you say it's overdone."
Because this depiction of the results of anthropogenic global warming are soooo far beyond reality that it's laughable. At least to anyone armed with the ability to read and reason. I find it strange that you've suddenly become so dismissive of facts when it is you who declared my argument "baseless". How quickly you change your arguments when the facts don't agree with you. Then again, it's the naive, extremely guilable and fact averse that ads such as this are intended for. Again, dramatization in advertising serves a valuable and entertaining function. In this case, it goes so far as to render this ad ridiculous and ineffective. If you're going to convince someone to make sacrifices and change the way they live, as this ad attemps, you have to at least be believable. This isn't. Except to you apparently. Hopefully you'll show better judgment as you continue your student career and subsequent job as a telemarketer.

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Im afraid, not many would agree with you on this. But anyway it's your opinion. Nice debate.

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Show me someone who agrees with the premise of this ad and is moved to change their behaviour because of it and I'll show you an extremely uninformed, ignorant, naive person. Certainly not someone I would care to be in agreement with. Thank you.

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Voila! Laserbeak. Applemask has something really valid to add.

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This is advertising. Advertising aims for the emotional level first. Reason and thought take longer.

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Rainforest and globalwarming. conserving rainforests and global warming invokes different concerns (i am talking in very basic sense). would have been absolutely fine for global warming.'s picture
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wow! it's amazing idea. two thumbs up.

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you need to wear goggles to see that, otherwise how're you gonna read it. Too scamy!

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you have to waist some water to paint it and then fill the pool again.. isnt it contradictory? Saving water is a big issue in Global Warming prevention

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Anonymous Author
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This would be a cool future. I'm off to patent my bionic gills.

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Milan Solanki
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bang on! super creative stuff; as far as reach is concerned, these prints are for that purpose only :)