Suzuki Swift / Santo Domingo Motors: The panty dropper

Advertising Agency: PAGÉSBBDO, Dominican Republic
Group Creative Director: Rodolfo Borrell
Copywriters: Nelson De Los Santos, Yaqui Núñez
Art Director: Miguel Peña


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This is kinda funny to me being as how I went to high school in Puerto Rico about 6 years ago. (Bajapanty is not just a Dominican culture thing). So before you say its too weird, understand the culture.
"There is no entitlement to the consumer's attention. It is earned."
-Luke Sullivan

"There is no entitlement to the consumer's attention. It is earned."
-Luke Sullivan

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what's 'bajapanty'??? if this ambient is communicating that the car is so hot, the girls will drop their panties for you, it's still extremely stupid.

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I agree its a stupid way to sell a car, but if its an established and localy cultural way of describing a realy hot car it works. In the states or europe you would have to establish it as a function of the hot car. While here it works as a pure description of the car.

Even so i think there is a different angle here as well. The swift is not what you typically see as a hot car, and so its partly ironic i think.

Last part and this is important. The demography is young males between 18 and 25! This is tacky and weird for anyone over 30, but for alot of dumb guys under 25, this is exactly why they buy cars. To get panties dropped that is.

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You missed the big point here-not if it would appeal to everyones sense of taste etc. its marketing and the goal was to get lots of impressions and viral word of mouth style advertising that reaches far and wide in areas that are of no cost to the company..

this thread and discussions is only one small fragment of their succes in this ad.

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Baja Panty means Panty Dropper, they say in Dominican Rep. that if you have a nice car, then you'll get laid a lot

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it's funny, but the TA might not get it immediately, it looks like a promotion to the panty

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That look like a parked Swift. It should works better if it's in motion.


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que bolsa!!!, eso se ha hecho bastante ya en hizo para un dealer, y para otra marca de carro.

además, no creo que con un Suzuki swift levantes mucho...


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Why don't we get a hold of that magnate "Borat" spoke about in his movie and attach to a car and sell it off as an ad...?

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Dude, they both are using mannequins but the ideas are completely different. One is for loosing weight and the other one is using it as a car that will get you laid or to make the girls drop their panties. Nice.

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Disgusting! =.=

I could not love this idea. I had seen similar idea for a potato chip tvc, when i was a kid.

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nice work

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